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Let's make voting hard to ignore and easy to do. Sign your friends up to receive anonymous texts about Biden or Trump - to unsubscribe, they'll need to register to vote.


I made an app that went viral back in 2014 called Cat Facts. It's a harmless prank app that sends your friends anonymous texts about cats. And while it's something I'm proud of, I had always wished it had a more positive impact.

I've been bothered by the voter turnout numbers from 2016 and from hearing the misconception that registering to vote is hard. So to try to repurpose Cat Facts into something more positive, I built PrankToVote.org. This service utilizes a lot of the functionality built for Cat Facts, but with the goal of increasing voting awareness.

If you sign your friend up, they'll need to go to the PrankToVote.org website which has resources to educate on just how easy it is to register. I give away additional free "targets" to try and increase the spread. With every one person that starts sending, they'll on average send to three more people.

- Kyle Venn


Sends anonymous text messages

I have hundreds of numbers that I own and it the service sends texts to your friends from one of those numbers. They won't be able to tell where the facts are coming from (and it has no connection to the person sending the facts).

See how your friend responds on the website

As you send facts, your friends might respond with things like "Who is this?" or "Unsubscribe!". You'll be able to see everything they respond with right on the website.

Every purchase comes with at least 1 additional free targets

The lowest tier is $2. If you buy that, you can send to one other friend for free.

The middle tier is $5. If you buy that, you can send to three other friend for free.

The highest tier is $12. If you buy that, you can send to six other friend for free.

Try different fact types

You can send both Trump Facts OR Biden Facts. If you're not using PrankToVote, you can use Cat Facts, Dog Facts, Sloth Facts, and Nic Cage Facts.


Why does it cost money?

Sending text messages unfortunately isn't free. To balance this out, I make it so every purchase comes with more people to send to for free. I'm also always happy to give out promo codes if you email to contact@pranktovote.org.

Why can people unsubscribe?

For legal reasons, if a person doesn't want to be receiving texts/emails/etc, they need to have an option to opt-out. A majority of recipients never actually unsubscribe.

Where do the facts come from?

They're a collection of facts from all over the internet. Mostly from miscellanious articles on "facts about Trump". Collecting the facts takes about 3 hours per person.

How many are there?

There are about 100 facts for each fact type.

App Details


Kyle Venn

@kylevenn →


Website (desktop and mobile web)


Tier 1

$2 (+1 free target)

Tier 2

$5 (+3 free targets)

Tier 1

$12 (+6 free targets)


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